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November 16-22, 2014          

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Tips for Nursing Students - Preparing to Write the NCLEX -RN. 

Download the PDF file to get general information about the NCLEX- RN exam.

Online Scholarly Showcase

Hey nursing students, are you looking for a place to showcase your scholarly research? We have opened a new page on the CNSA website and are looking for scholarly submissions for the Online Scholarly Showcase page! As we all know, evidence based practice is a huge part of our future profession, and research is what backs that up. If you are interested in submitting research, click here for the submission criteria:

For more information about the Online Scholarly Showcase:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail




Lippincott NCLEX - RN PassPoint 

 Practice makes perfect. 

And this is the perfect practice.

Find out more about the only adaptive learning system for the NCLEX-RN® 

The only NCLEX preparation solution officially endorsed by the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA). 


L I P P I N C O T T F O R L I F E 



Launching The New


CNA has just launched the new NurseONE, and the CNSA board is proud to announce it includes an integrated function for CNSA member registration. This integrated registration function gives instant access to NurseONE to everyone, even new accounts. No more three step verification process. NurseONE accounts will now expire at the end of January, so there is no disruption in service during membership renewal.


Visit the new NurseONE today and start exploring the wealth of nursing information that is just a click away.


Get Started visit 





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